Question: How Do I Remove My Phone Number From EBay Seller?

Why does eBay seller need my phone number?

You are at no risk whatsoever of receiving negative feedback if the buyer doesn’t pay you.

Sellers need to have buyers’ phone numbers, since some shipping companies REQUIRE the recipient’s phone number before they accept a package..

Does ups require phone number?

UPS requires a customer’s phone number for international shipments so they have a point of contact if there is any issue with the delivery. If you cannot provide a customer’s phone number, simply enter you own.

How did eBay seller get my phone number?

eBay will give out your phone number if a transaction partner asks for it. I think sellers may be given it automatically, since certain shipping companies REQUIRE the phone number of the recipient before they’ll accept the package.

Why won’t eBay let me cancel an order as a seller?

You won’t be able to cancel an order if you’ve already opened an item not received case or if the seller has opened an unpaid item case.

Does eBay block phone numbers?

“Phone numbers and email addresses are not permitted in eBay messages.

Can you message sellers on ebay?

Contacting a seller before you buy an item Go to the Seller Information section at the top of the listing and select Contact Seller. … Type your question for the seller. Select Send a copy to my email address if you’d like to receive a copy of the message. Select Send message.

How do I change my company details on eBay?

To change the business info at the bottom of your listings go to site preferences (there’s a link link on the account tab as above.) Under business seller preferences > ‘Business seller information on the View item page’ > click ‘edit’. You’ll probably have to sign in again and then you can change the details policy.

How do I change my eBay account details?

Here’s how:Go to the Account – opens in new window or tab section of My eBay.Select Personal information.Find the section you need to update, and select Edit.Enter your new details.Depending on what you’re updating, you’ll be prompted to Save, Submit, or Confirm.

Is my phone number visible on Paypal?

If you send a personal payment from personal account they do not see address or phone. Just your name and and email.

How do you cancel a seller on eBay?

1. Go to My eBay, Account tab. 2. Cancel all subscriptions on the Subscriptions page (click on it from the left side menu).

How do I change my phone number on eBay?

Change your phone numberGo to Personal information – opens in new window or tab in My eBay.Select Edit next to Phone number.Select Edit beside your phone number.Enter your new phone number and select Confirm.We’ll send you a PIN code via SMS.

Can a seller cancel an order on eBay after payment?

You can cancel a transaction up to 30 days after a sale, even if your buyer has already paid.

How do I remove my card details from eBay app?

To remove your payment method information:Go to My eBay.Click the Account tab and then click the Personal Information link on the left.In the Financial Information section, find the payment method you’d like to remove and click the Remove link on the right.

Can eBay seller see my phone number?

One has to ask eBay for the number and eBay will only provide it if the two parties are in a transaction with each other. It is not automatically sent to the buyer/seller after the sale. To get the buyer’s phone number, the seller has to go to the Advance Search page and request the buyer’s contact information.

Can eBay seller refuse to cancel order?

A seller is not obliged to cancel a buy though most will do so rather than deal with a buyer who doesn’t want the item. … That said, you can ask for a refund and return the item under ebay’s Buyer Protection program. It doesn’t matter if a seller says no returns on his auctions.

Can buyers see my name on eBay?

Members who view your listing cannot see your real name. Buyers will see it on the return address of the package they receive. Yes, it’s necessary for sellers to know who the buyer is, as well as the buyer to know who they’re in a transaction with. Each party has a right to know who they’re in a transaction with.