Question: How Much Do MTA Cleaners Make?

How much do MTA employees get paid?

The average MTA New York City Transit salary ranges from approximately $39,788 per year for Cleaner to $172,820 per year for Chief Nursing Officer.

Average MTA New York City Transit hourly pay ranges from approximately $18.52 per hour for Paralegal to $46.24 per hour for Elevator Technician..

How long is MTA hiring process?

The hiring process can take anywhere from eight months to three years or more. The length of time depends on the number of applicants and MTA’s hiring needs.

Does MTA pay weekly?

No, the pay is bi-weekly.

What happens if I fail the MTA drug test?

A Member will be considered to have failed a drug test if he or she has a verified positive urine test result. MTA may, in any event and under its own authority, dismiss any Member who violates this Policy. MTA may take such action under its own authority with or without conducting drug or alcohol testing.

How much do MTA subway drivers make?

The typical base salary for a New York subway conductor is $67,000, Thompson says, but both pay and benefits become more appealing the longer a conductor works for the transit authority.

Where does MTA money go?

About a third of non-labor costs are electricity and fuel to run our buses, subways and trains; and paratransit services. The remainder goes to Debt Service — repaying the money we borrowed to help fund the MTA’s capital investments.

Is MTA city or state?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is North America’s largest transportation network, serving a population of 15.3 million people across a 5,000-square-mile travel area surrounding New York City through Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut.

Is MTA a good job?

mta is great place to work. Mta is a very good place to work. you get to meat a lot of people. the hardest part of the job is when it snows and.

How do I get a job with the MTA?

You must apply online for most MTA jobs. You can use regular mail to apply for a position with MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Access its employment opportunities by going to and clicking on Bridges and Tunnels.

Are MTA workers city employees?

Employees of the New York City Transit Authority assigned to the New York City Subway and in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx are members of the Transport Workers Union of America Local 100, with Queens and Staten Island bus personnel represented by various Amalgamated Transit Union locals.

How many hours do MTA bus drivers work?

16 hoursA typical work day is about 16 hours but you only get paid for 14. I learned do trust other drivers or management. The most enjoyable part of my job is when i get off and go home.

How hard is MTA exam?

The 98-366 exam is the most powerful certification that you can have on your resume. 98-366 is a challenging exam, to pass this you’ll have to work hard. … For those looking to shift their IT career in a fresh direction, a MTA certification can also be the first step towards that new path.

How much does an MTA conductor make?

The salaries of Mta Train Conductors in the US range from $14,207 to $379,629 , with a median salary of $69,212 . The middle 57% of Mta Train Conductors makes between $69,214 and $172,459, with the top 86% making $379,629.

Is MTA government job?

But the MTA is not an agency of state government, such as, say, the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Financial Services. … The MTA is different. Legally, it is an independent corporation, run by a board of directors.

Is the MTA hiring cleaners?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Company is looking for Cleaner/Maintainer’s Helpers. The application deadline is July 30 and the fee is $40. … The current minimum salary for Cleaner/Maintainer’s Helpers is $13.61 per hour for a 40-hour week. The pay increases to $22.8125 per hour after 48 months.

Can you work for the MTA with a felony?

Spurred by the case of a burly driver who molested a teenage boy on an empty bus, MTA officials on Wednesday announced that they will no longer hire people with felony and certain misdemeanor convictions.