Question: What Is PolyGel Slip Solution Used For?

What liquid do you use to spread Polygel?

The Gelish slip solution is available in an 8 oz bottle.

It doesn’t activate curing so the nail will not dry too fast.

It lets you gently glide the PolyGel into place and prepare the nail so it looks as natural and realistic as possible before it dries.

It’s also odorless so there’s no unpleasant scent..

Do Polygel nails break easily?

They give a shiny, fresh look. They are more flexible than acrylic nails and therefore less likely to chip off. Drying time is much quicker than a regular manicure.

How long do Polygel nails last?

21 daysHow long do Polygel nails last? If applied properly, Polygel will typically last for 21 days before needing maintenance. It’s a completely buff-off system. It should be filed down to 10% to leave a protective layer on the nail.

Do you use base coat with PolyGel?

You can absolutely use either gel or traditional polish over top of PolyGel. If you want the flexibility of making regular colour changes, opt for traditional polish. After your PolyGel application, apply a layer of Top it Off Top Coat BEFORE applying two coats of your favourite nail polish.

What does Polygel slip solution do?

GenZ Slip Solution allows for you to effectively move and form the gel. GenZ Slip Solution helps eliminate frictions and drag when shaping. GenZ Slip Solution allows you to place Poly Nail Gel in all area of the nail form for that perfect shaped nail. Quick, safe, easy to use!

Do you need slip solution for Polygel?

You do need a slip solution or 70% alcohol to work with the gel. Great starter pack. This photo was taken two weeks after I applied the polygel nails. … You need to utilize a nail dehydrator or rubbing alcohol at 70% or more in place of a dehydrator.

Can you use acetone as slip solution for Polygel?

I use acetone for gel polish (to remove the tacky layer) and that works fine, but I’m brand new to polygel. As an FYI: the brand of polygel I intend to get is Tomicca (the kit doesn’t come with slip solution).

Can you use 70 alcohol for Polygel?

No it’s actually not too strong some people would say it is but it’s really not so yea but I really use 70% isopropyl alcohol I think for me it work just fine u may can try that but at the moment u are good to go no problem with that at all.

Can I use vodka as slip solution?

I wouldn’t recommend vodka – you don’t know how the other 30% of ingredients will impact the polygel. You can use isopropyl alcohol / running alcohol which is super easy to source.

What is the slip solution for Polygel nails?

The liquid used to sculpt PolyGel is called Slip — the name was inspired by the slip potters use when working with clay. Slip is not a monomer; it has no active ingredients, and unlike acrylic monomer, it has a light, pleasant fragrance. It’s simply used to make the PolyGel easy to shape.

Why is my Polygel not curing?

Using too much liquid Together with the Polygel, most brands have a special liquid which you need to use so the brush will not stick too much. When you take too much liquid the product will be liquified and it may flood. If you see that the nail is wet wait until the liquid evaporates and cure only after that.

Why does my Polygel keep lifting?

When shape the gel on the dual forms, make sure you DON’T use too much slip solution. Slip solution does help shaping the gel easily and avoid sticky but too much volume might also cause lifting or popping. 4. When apply the dual form on your nails, make sure there is no air bubbles between your nail bed and poly gel.