Quick Answer: How Much Is A 6 Foot Sub From Subway?

What is the cheapest footlong at Subway?

Subway Menu PricesFOODSIZEPRICEOven Roasted ChickenFootlong$6.75Pizza Sub with CheeseFootlong$5.50Roast BeefFootlong$7.75Spicy ItalianFootlong$5.50123 more rows.

How do you make a 6 foot sub?

One person is to help hold the bread and the other to slice. Spread one half of bread with mayonnaise and the other half with mustard. Then layer on the meats and cheeses. Then layer the onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles.

Does Costco make party subs?

Looking for a cost-effective way to host a party? These Costco party platters are the perfect solution! Choose from a croissant sandwich platter, chicken and swiss rollers, shrimp platter, and/or a meat & cheese platter.

How much is a cold cut sandwich at Subway?

Subway Menu PricesFoodSizePriceCold Cut ComboFootlong$4.99Cold Cut ComboSix Inch$3.99Italian B.M.T.Footlong$8.49Italian B.M.T.Six Inch$5.29147 more rows

Are Walmart sub sandwiches good?

Walmart’s sandwiches are a popular item and for good reason — they are substantial, well-priced and seem fresh. I’ve bought them occasionally over the years and they do the job.

Does subway still make the 6 foot sub?

6-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25.

How many does a 6 foot sub feed?

How many people does a 6 foot hero feed? Approximately, 21 to 24 people. 2.

How long is a Subway party sub?

Each Subway® Platter consists of 16 conveniently sized Three-inch Subs making it perfect for meetings or group meals. You can also add salads, cookies, drinks and crisps to your order.

How many does a Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub feed?

Jersey Mike’s first size is a 5-inch Mini sub that can feed only one person. A second size that can feed one to two persons is the 7-inch Regular sub, also called a Wrap or a Tub. The third size is a 14-15 inch Giant sub that can feed three up to four persons.

How much is a 6 foot sub at Walmart?

Sub SandwichPlatters sizePrices2 foot sub$184 foot sub$286 foot sub$32

What is a party sub?

Note that a ‘party sub’ is a sandwich so big [e.g. two feet long] that it’s meant to be divided among several people at a party.

How much does a 6ft hero cost?

The 6-foot (or, in football parlance, 2-yard) hero has become, along with beer and guacamole, a most valuable player for Super Bowl gatherings. Its size makes it festive, but its price makes it a highly economical main course. Prices vary, but the average is about $15 a foot.