Quick Answer: What Is A Synonym And Antonym For Compromise?

What is the antonym of Anonymous?

What is the opposite of anonymous?identifiedknownundoubtedunchallengedswornrightfulwell-knownavowedconcededcorrect36 more rows.

What are two synonyms anonymously?


What is a synonym and antonym for responsibility?

Antonyms: irresponsibility, irresponsibleness. Synonyms: duty, obligation, debt instrument, responsibleness, responsibility, province, indebtedness, tariff, certificate of indebtedness. province, responsibility(noun)

What is a compromising person?

Something that’s compromising makes you vulnerable to being embarrassed or incriminated in some way. If your teacher knows compromising information about you, you might want to ask someone else to write your college recommendation letter. It’s common for the adjective compromising to describe the noun situation.

What is the word for being anonymous?

If you want a little bit of invisibility, you might seek anonymity, or being anonymous and nameless. The noun anonymity comes from a Greek word meaning “without a name.” If you have anonymity, you have namelessness, and people will not know who you are. …

What is the antonym of responsibility?

You can’t really rely on irresponsible people. Being irresponsible is the opposite of being responsible and careful — you do what you like and don’t care what happens afterward.

What is the acronym of responsibility?

RESPAcronymDefinitionRESPResponsibilityRESPRespektive (Sweden: respectively)RESPRéseau des Écoles de Service Public (French: Network of Schools of Public Service)RESPRespiration9 more rows

What is the word for responsible person?

1 at the helm, carrying the can (informal) in authority, in charge, in control. 2 accountable, amenable, answerable, bound, chargeable, duty-bound, liable, subject, under obligation. 3 authoritative, decision-making, executive, high, important. 4 at fault, culpable, guilty, to blame.

Can we meet in the middle meaning?

The primary idiomatic meaning of meet in the middle is to compromise, especially when negotiating a price. For example, if I am trying to sell a used car and I ask $10,000, and you offer me $5,000, we would “meet in the middle” by agreeing to a price of $7,500. Another phrase for this is meet halfway.

What is a synonym of compromise?

1’eventually they reached a compromise’ SYNONYMS. agreement, understanding, settlement, terms, accommodation. deal, trade-off, bargain. halfway house, middle ground, middle course, happy medium, balance.

What is a synonym and antonym for Anonymous?

Synonyms. anon. unidentified unnamed unknown nameless. Antonyms. onymous known glorious familiar acknowledged.

What is the opposite of compromise?

compromise(v) Antonyms: aggravate, excite, foster, perpetuate, exempt, enfranchise, disengage, extricate, exonerate.

What do you mean by compromising?

: to give up something that you want in order to reach an agreement : to settle differences by means of a compromise. : to expose (something) to risk or danger. : to damage or weaken (something)

What are some examples of compromise?

The definition of a compromise is when two sides give up some demands to meet somewhere in the middle. An example of compromise is a teenager wanting to come home at midnight, while their parent wants them to come home at 10pm, they end up agreeing upon 11pm.

What’s it called when you meet someone halfway?

to compromise with someone. The Democrats are willing to meet the president halfway. Synonyms. compromise.

How do you meet someone halfway?

If you meet someone halfway, you accept some of the points they are making so that you can come to an agreement with them. The Democrats are willing to meet the president halfway.

What does it mean to find a middle ground?

phrase. The middle ground between two groups, ideas, or plans involves things which do not belong to either of these groups, ideas, or plans but have elements of each, often in a less extreme form. The sooner we find a middle ground between freedom of speech and protection of the young, the better for everyone.