Quick Answer: Why Was The Patriot Being Taken To The Shamble Gate?

How was the Patriot welcomed?

year ago, this same patriot was welcomed by the people, and his path was strewn with fragmented roses, and people were mad with zeal, and enthusiasm to see him, come back after his grand victory.

This tells that the patriot was swayed by the enthusiasm..

How does the poem The Patriot conclude?

It might even be so that he is truly innocent and is simply put to death because the people wish so. However, the poem ends on a note of optimism with Browning’s own philosophy “God’s in His Heaven, and all’s Right with the World”. The ‘Patriot’ believes that it is God who will reward him according to his true merit.

What lesson do we learn from the poem The Patriot?

Also Know, what lesson do we learn from the poem The Patriot? The poem patriot by Robert Browning subject matter is that of betrayal and the biggest take away anyone can get from this is that the same people you so love selflessly and claim to love you in return, could end up hating you and killing you.

What is the speaker’s plea to God now?

Answer: In the last stanza of The Patriot, the narrator expresses his faith in God by saying that he feels safer now that not having got full recognition in this human world, he will be rewarded for his deeds by the Almighty in heaven.

What kind of reception does the Patriot receive one year ago?

The first two stanzas of the poem gives an account of the grand reception that the patriot received one year ago. His walking path was covered with lots and lots of rose petals, with myrtle mixed in them. The path was festooned with these flower for him.

Why is the Patriot being taken to the scaffold?

(ii) The patriot (the speaker) is being led to the scaffold to be executed just one year after he was given a hero’s welcome for some ‘misdeeds’ committed by him. The same people who had given him a hero’s welcome a year ago scorn him and throw stones at him.

Why was the Patriot welcomed as a hero?

Answer: The patriot was welcomed because he had won a grand victory. He did whatever he could do for his countrymen. And he did his best.

What does Myrtle symbolize in the patriot?

Path: It is used in the poem to symbolize the political career. Myrtle: It is a symbol of purity, love, innocence and generosity. Spires: A symbol for hopeful gestures and strength.

What tells you that the Patriot was overambitious What was the result?

The patriot himself says that he would do anything in order to make his friends and family happy . He would even reach the Sun and bring to them . This tells us that he was over ambitious . The result of being over – ambitious was that people suddenly changed their attitude.

What will God have to repay to the patriot?

Questions › What will God have to ‘repay’ to the patriot? … The patriot means to say that as he has not got the recognition for all his good deeds and as he has been punished wrongly by the people, now God shall have to repay him with his grace in heaven after his death. This is why the speaker also says “I am safer so”.

How was the Patriot treated in the beginning?

The fickle nature of the people reflects on how the Patriot is treated, In the beginning, he was treated like a god. Afterwards, he was treated as a criminal.

Which figure of speech is used people have dropped down dead?

AlliterationAlliteration is the figure of speech used in the given phrase.

What would have happened if the Patriot has died in excess of joy at his?

The patriot thinks that if he had died in excess of joy at his tumultuous welcome after his grand victory, then God would not had cared for him, since he would had been rewarded by the people.

Why does the Patriot consider himself safer at last?

The patriot feels safe in the bosom of God. He feels that if he had died a year ago (when he was welcomed as a hero), God would not have cared for him but now when he has not been rewarded by his people, he was certain to be rewarded in heaven. … So, he feels safer now to surely go to heaven and win God’s grace there.

Where is the Patriot being taken and why?

The patriot is being taken to scaffold for his “year’s misdeeds”. There is nobody on the house tops now except for few suffering from palsy. Everyone knows that today, the best of the sights is at the Shambles’ Gate or by the scaffold’s foot. The speaker is now moving in the rain towards his end.

What is the irony in the poem The Patriot?

Summary of The Patriot The poem is heavy with irony as it describes a man who had given everything up for his people and was initially revered by them, only to be killed at their hands without a second thought in the end.

Who is the speaker of the above lines Why is his path filled with roses?

Answer. The patriot’s path was stewn with fragrant roses which is a symbol of love . It was people’s way of showing their love and appreciation to the patriot who had came after a grand victory thus people welcomed him with great zeal and enthusiasm.

What is the central message of the poem The Patriot?

The poem, ‘The Patriot’ by Robert Browning is primarily based on the theme of rising and the fall of fortune. A patriot can be acclaimed one day but can be degraded the very next day. In the poem, the narrator, who happens to be the patriot is initially welcomed with joy and paths of roses by the people around him.

Is the Patriots optimism unrealistic?

The optimism of the patriot is unrealistic. He laments that he was once well-loved by everyone and the people now abhor him. He claims to be innocent of misdemeanours. The patriot is sentenced to death while trying to prove his innocence.

What was the condition of the patriot when he was being taken to be executed?

He is being hanged to death in the Shambles Gate . It was raining that day . He was taken to the gallows where he was going to be hanged and his hands were tied so tightly that it could cut his hand . There were some ungrateful fellows who threw stones at him so his forehead was bleeding .

How does the Patriot prove that the people’s love for him was beyond limit?

Answer: the patriot proves that the people’s love for him was beyond limit because they were so excited and delighted and treating him like a hero by their adorning fans,if he would have even asked for the sun they would have given it to him and asked what he wanted next.