What Are The Characteristics Of A Conference?

How do I make my conference stand out?

Techniques that will make your conference stand out1) Have a welcome team.

2) Goodie bags.

3) Ensure that everything is well-signposted.

4) Make your staff easy to spot.

5) Make a special effort with first time attendees.

6) Ensure that your wi-fi details are easy to find.

7) Provide plenty of charging points.

8) Have an engaging MC and captivating speakers.More items…•.

What’s the purpose of a conference?

A conference is a gathering of people with a common interest or background, with the purposes of allowing them to meet one another and to learn about and discuss issues, ideas and work that focus on a topic of mutual concern.

What is the difference between a conference and a meeting?

Meetings can be called at any time, in any space available and are usually informal. … A group of people getting together to discuss a subject, whereas a Conference is usually formal, will have an agenda and a programme of activities planned.

How do you conduct an international conference?

How to Organize a Successful International Conferences and…Define the purpose and format. … Pay sufficient attention to conference planning. … Choose the right date and location for your conference. … Draft your budget. … Book a venue for your conference. … Make a team and allocate duties. … Know your speakers. … Conference registration.More items…•

How do you organize youth conference?

Start a committee. … Pick a theme. … Find a place to hold the event. … Start a sign-up sheet. … Set a budget. … Arrange for transportation. … Make a checklist for parents and children. … Plan some icebreakers and other activities, in addition to the workshops.More items…

What are the benefits of attending a conference?

8 Benefits of Attending ConferencesGet feedback on an early version of your latest work. … Get to know other people in your field. … Hear about the latest research. … Improve your presentation and communication skills. … Visit a new place and have fun. … Meet your academic heroes. … Engage in high-level debates and refine your ideas. … Adding to your CV.More items…

What makes a good conference?

The more thought that is put into the planning phase, the better the conference. … Comfortable rooms, high quality equipment, ease of access, transport to and from (i.e. hotels and venue) are the first things that come to mind when we think of a successful conference venue.

What are the types of conference?

Types of conferencesConference.Symposium.Seminar.Colloquium.Workshop.Roundtable.

What is an conference?

A conference is generally understood as a meeting of several people to discuss a particular topic. It is often confused with a convention, colloquia or symposium. … A convention is larger than a conference; it is a gathering of delegates representing several groups.

How do you conduct a conference?

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step GuideStep 1: Decide on a theme. … Step 2: Assemble your A-team. … Step 3: Prepare a budget & business plan. … Step 4: Find sponsors & grants [optional] … Step 5: Settle on a date. … Step 6: Book the venue. … Step 7: Arrange catering & other vendors [optional] … Step 8: Line up your speakers.More items…

What can you learn from a conference?

Here are five reasons to attend your industry conference:Educational opportunities. No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn. … Networking with peers. Industry conferences provide a great opportunity to network. … Encounter new vendors and suppliers. … Position yourself as an expert. … Have fun.

What are the benefits of attending an international conference?

International Conferences are great opportunities to connect with attendees from different perspectives and views, learn from them, make new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Conferences pave the way for scientific cooperation by meeting and connecting with researchers from different countries.