What Is Opposite Of Congruent?

What is congruent Behaviour?

In personality research, for example, behavioral congruence occurs when individuals’ self-ratings are consistent with their actions, whereas in organizational contexts, it describes the situation in which employees’ personal goals and work-related behaviors are consistent with organizational goals..

Are circles congruent?

All circles of the same size are congruent to one another. “Size” can refer to radius, diameter, circumference, area, etc.

What is another word for congruent?

What is another word for congruent?compatiblecongruousharmoniousidenticalnonconflictingagreeableconcurrentconcurringharmonisingUKharmonizingUS89 more rows

What does congruence mean?

1 : the quality or state of agreeing, coinciding, or being congruent … the happy congruence of nature and reason …— Gertrude Himmelfarb. 2 : a statement that two numbers or geometric figures are congruent. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about congruence.

What is the best synonym for congruent?

congruentcoinciding.compatible.concurring.conforming.consistent.corresponding.identical.in agreement.

What does it mean when shapes are congruent?

In geometry, two figures or objects are congruent if they have the same shape and size, or if one has the same shape and size as the mirror image of the other.

What is a congruent person?

The general definition of congruence is: identical in form; in agreement or harmony. Now apply this to a life approach. Someone who lives with congruency acts in direct accordance with their dreams, desires, beliefs, values, mission and goals. They do not let the thoughts of others affect their approach to the world.

What makes a shape not congruent?

Congruent means being exactly the same. When two line segments have the same length, they are congruent. When two figures have the same shape and size, they are congruent. … They are the same shape, but they are not the same size.

Whats the opposite of congruent?

What is the opposite of congruent?conflictingconflictiveincompatibleincongruousinconsistentinharmoniousnoncompatibledisagreeabledisparateincongruent51 more rows

What is the meaning of non congruent?

the sides, and noncongruent means “not congruent,” that is, not the same shape. (Shapes that are reflected and rotated and translated copies of each other are congruent shapes.) So we want triangles that look fundamentally different.

What does a congruent angle mean?

Congruent angles are angles with exactly the same measure.