What Is The Tone Of The Poem The Patriot?

What is the message of the poem?

The “moral,” or message, of this poem is presented to us straightforwardly in the third stanza, which offers a sort of summary, or conclusion, to what has come before..

What is the theme of the poem The Patriot?

Explanation:The Patriot is majorly based on the theme of rising and fall of fortune. The narrator, the patriot is welcomed with feverish joy and paths of roses in the first two stanzas by the townspeople. But, by the end of the poem we see that those same people have humiliated and executed him, within a year.

What does the poem The Patriot reflect at the end?

The poem ends with the line, “ Tis God shall repay: I am safer so.”Even though the world thinks that the patriot has done something wrong, he knows he has everything he could. Death is not the end. … Thus, the poem reflects Browning’s faith in God-“God is in his heaven and all is well with the world.”

Why was the Patriot welcomed as a hero How was he welcomed?

The patriot was welcomed because he had won a grand victory. He did whatever he could do for his countrymen. And he did his best. He was welcomed like a hero.

How was the Patriot welcomed?

People standing on the roofs of their houses cheered for him as he passed by. They were overjoyed to see him. The spires of the church were covered with flaming flags that the people had put up for a celebration. People were overwhelmingly delighted to greet their hero and were enthusiastic to see him as he passed by.

What would have happened if the Patriot has died in excess of joy at his?

The patriot thinks that if he had died in excess of joy at his tumultuous welcome after his grand victory, then God would not had cared for him, since he would had been rewarded by the people.

What is the irony in the poem The Patriot?

Summary of The Patriot The poem is heavy with irony as it describes a man who had given everything up for his people and was initially revered by them, only to be killed at their hands without a second thought in the end.

What is the form of the poem The Patriot?

“The Patriot” is a poem comprising 6 stanzas. Each stanza consists of 5 lines and its rhyming pattern is ababa. It is a dramatic monologue.

What does Myrtle symbolize in the patriot?

Path: It is used in the poem to symbolize the political career. Myrtle: It is a symbol of purity, love, innocence and generosity. Spires: A symbol for hopeful gestures and strength.

What is the meaning of Patriot?

More on the Meaning of Patriot The word patriot signifies a person who loves his or her country and is ready to boldly support and defend it. … A Patriot, both the King and Country serves; Prerogative, and Privilege preserves.

How is the Patriot paid by the world?

the idea is that the poet said that he is paid by the world for yearly misdeeds by stones and everyone forgot his good works but he now goes to the hand of who will give him justice.