What Means Brony?

Why is brony a thing?

It’s simple really.

Bronies exist because they either are fans of the show and it has made an impact on their lives to where they feel it provides valuable lessons for their own lives and possibly could help them in bettering themselves with lessons of friendship and tolerance..

What does Pegasister mean?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magicpegasister (plural pegasisters) (slang) A female fan of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, typically an adult.

How big is the Brony community?

A fan-conducted “herd census” suggests that, as of September 2012, there are between 7 and 12.4 million people in the United States that would identify themselves as bronies.

Why do guys like My Little Pony?

So why are Bronies hooked to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? One of the main reasons it is said that men grow to like the show is because of the characters voices. They feel that the voices behind these characters are extremely talented.

How do you become a Brony?

How to Become a Brony/PegasisterStep 1: Go to Youtube.com. Enter in the search box “My little pony friendship is magic Mare in the moon Pt 1. … Step 2: Watch It Until It Is Over. Once it is over, Contemplate what you just saw. … Step 3: Warnings About MLP: FIM. … Step 4: A Few Fun Things for You! … 6 People Made This Project! … 83 Discussions.

When did Bronies become a thing?

The Kickstarter campaign began on May 13, 2012. By May 16, 2012, the project had already surpassed its $60,000 goal. With funding surpassing the initial target amount, it was announced late in May that Tara Strong and Lauren Faust were joining the project as producers.

What is the Brony community?

A brony is a grown-up fan of My Little Pony, namely of the 2010 show. Most bronies are teenagers and young adults who simply aren’t afraid to admit they enjoy a colorful, fun show.

What is a female brony called?

A popular term for female members of the Brony community is “Pegasister”. … Some prefer to be called “Pegasisters” and others just prefer being called Bronies.

Can a girl be a Brony?

Brony was a term created to refer to the male adult fans of the show, because they were out of the ordinary. … To conclude: The term Brony can refer to either just men, or both men and women. While Pegasister refers purely to women.

How old do you have to be to be a Brony?

Bronies come from all walks of life but are predominantly men from the age of 15 to 35; they are typically educated and single (Gilbert 2015). However, there are still plenty of Bronies who are female, trans, or non-binary or in committed relationships.

Does Scootaloo ever fly?

Despite becoming a full-grown pony thanks to a magical artefact in Growing Up is Hard to Do, Scootaloo never once tries to fly. She still uses her scooter for travelling, but finds it in danger of breaking under the extra weight.

Are Bronies real?

There is an entire online community of Bronies that has blossomed out of the message boards and fan sites and into the real world. The BronyCon convention planned for August already has 10,000 confirmed attendees. … So the name actually comes from where the community started, on the “b” 4chan message boards. Bronies.

Are Bronies dead?

But the brony fandom is now shrinking almost as fast as it grew and conventions, including BronyCon, are shutting down. Eight years in, the novelty seems to have worn off. It’s also widely believed the show’s next season will be its last, and the future beyond that is uncertain.

Is it bad to be a Brony?

So to sum things up, it’s ok to be a brony. It’s ok to be different. … If you find yourself questioning yourself on being a brony and liking the show ask yourself not if it’s ok but why you love it. We can get pretty intense when we talk about the things we love.

How old is fluttershy?

20AGES: Fluttershy is the oldest at the age of 20 (one year older than Pinky and enrolled two years prior to RD so she’s much larger). Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie are 19 (AJ and PP never attended school, at least as shown, but AJ does mention getting her cutie mark last).